Shay Ryan Digital Marketing

Making Money for Your Business Online



SEO or Search Engine Optimisation/Management is a way of making YOUR  web site stand out and achieve a higher ranking from Google.

The higher you rank in Google the more likely you are to make a good profit with your online sales.

Some SEO is best practice based in how a web site is designed. Some SEO is based on the ‘meta’ tags which are used in coding your web site.  I specialise in both, creating the ‘meta’ tags and also advising how your site is laid out.

Another factor to bear in mind with SEO is that the more you blog or post the more likely your site will move up the search engine rankings. I can take care of that by managing your Social Media accounts and making sure your voice is heard and your customers are responded to.

I take care of all of these factors and I do so at a very fair price – put it this way, if you contact a Dublin or Cork based company you will be paying for their office, the big fancy chairs and so on.  I can charge less by being leaner in my approach.

Try me – I think you will be surprised!

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